The freelance marketplace with crypto payments.

Work and hire in $WOOF, $SHIB, $ETH and 100+ other cryptocurrencies.
About WoofWork


The WoofVerse.

WoofWork is the central hub of the WoofVerse.With 9 Facets, the WoofVerse transports $WOOF tokens between Partners, Proof-Of-Woof Staking, Wooferrals, and Woofaversity. Overall, revenue flows into the WoofWork Platform, before circulating out in multiple directions to drive WoofBurns, fuel the DAO, and empower the WoofPack.
About the WoofVerse

WOOF Token.

$WOOF is the Platform Utility Token for the Woof Work freelance marketplace and ecosystem. $WOOF will facilitate rewards, including the Wooferral Program and the Proof-Of-Woof Staking Program.
About $WOOF


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Are you passionate about Web3 and Freelancing?
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the WoofPack mean business!
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